Rock Baths

A - Rock Bath/Mineral Tub *Price: $3,500
Hand carved from a natural Volcanic stone boulder.
Measurements: 1120mm Widest point * 1400mm Long
*500mm Top to Bottom *440mm Inside Depth *50-70mm Rim thickness *Weight: 750kg

B - Rock Bath/Mineral Tub - Flat Top *Price: $7,500
Hand carved from a natural Volcanic stone boulder.
Measurements: 2100mm Widest point * 1030mm Long
*620mm Top to Bottom *Weight: 1800kg

As we get specific size requests on these baths, we now order rock baths in specific to our clients requirements.   Once we have an indication of the size and style of bath (rounded or square edge) you are looking for, we will send you images of suitable baths, and can order in the perfect bath for you.  This process takes approximately 16 weeks.  We have currently got two baths pictured on this page in stock.

There is something stately and substantial about a stone tub. Warm to the eye and senses this combination can only come from nature itself producing true rustic elegance. This is the height of luxury a piece of art on its own adding an interesting addition to any home but with a twist. Used indoors or outdoors as a hot tub - set your property apart from the others, no two tubs are ever the same.

Get back to nature and place this exquisite furniture with an outlook over a bush scene, lake, river or seaside view - you will never want to leave. The thermal mass of natural stone is very eco-freindly retaining their heat for up to 2 hours. With the thermal quality of stone unbeaten once filled you can relax and indulge.  Pacific Baths have many different shapes and styles to choose from.

All of our Natural Stone Baths/Hot Tubs can be shipped anywhere in the world at very low rates please contact us for more information in regards to shipping one for you!